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Sanctum 1


Stonework arch in the rotunda of the EPA building in Washington, D.C.

Pink Shutter on Coral Wall

Pink Shutter on Coral Wall

Shot on a Caribbean island where building materials are scarce.  Walls are constructed of coral from reefs and brick fragments.  Bricks were used as ballast on Old World sailing ships, then jettisoned as New World cargo was loaded.

Sea Turtles, Version Two

Sea Turtles

During a hike on the island of Bequia in the Grenadines, I came upon several squat concrete block structures. A hand-drawn sign outside stated “$5 US Donations”. I entered and was greeted by a native of the island. He explained that his passion in life was rescuing and raising sea turtles. After hatching on the […]

Season's End

Season’s End

Fall colors signal the end of  the grape-growing season, and the beginning of harvest. Unused wine barrels occupy an abandoned loading dock at a Hammondsport, NY winery.

Rusty Fender with Maple Leaf

Rusty Fender with Maple Leaf

The original blue paint has given way to red-orange surface rust while a single Fall maple leaf  provides a hint to the reality of the image.

Rusty Truck Hood

Rusty Truck Hood

Rust slowly conquers the hood and grill of an abandoned truck in the New Mexico sun. Oxidation has dulled the two chrome strips, while only a small patch of yellow paint has escaped the effects of an abrasive tool.